AVF ES250B-T Wall Mounted AV Component Shelving System with 2 Adjustable Tempered Glass Shelves

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AVF ES250B-T Wall Mounted AV Shelving System

Product Description:
AVF is a world leading supplier of TV wall mounts, support systems and accessories with over 30 years experience supplying worldwide markets. AVF's ECO-MOUNT range is a complete range of flat panel TV wall mounts based on one modular family look. These flat panel mounts offer functionality from flat-to-wall through to multi-position in small, medium and large size categories, and are complimented by A/V Component Shelving mounts. Universal compatibility and the modular design of the products with an 'easy-click' locking mechanism make installation as easy as 1-2-3. An efficient manufacturing process using common modular component parts for the range means Eco-Mount uses fewer raw materials, produces less waste and, crucially, products are designed to fit in boxes that are 50% smaller than similar products available in stores. This has led to a reduction in packaging and transportation and, as a consequence, a reduction in CO2 emissions.

The AVF, Inc ES250B-T is a wall mounted AV component shelving system. It supports components weighing up to 22 lbs per shelf. The ES250B-T not only frees up valuable shelf space and eliminates the need for bulky entertainment centers, but it also provides for a neat and stylish addition to your wall mounted TV.

1. Accommodates various components such as:
    - Cable Boxes
    - Satellite Boxes
    - Digital Converters
    - DVR's
    - Blu-Ray Players
    - DVD Players
    - VCR Players
    - Video Game Consoles
    - Routers
    - Home Theater Systems
2. Designed to be used in combination with your wall mounted TV
3. Two height-adjustable shelves allows you to adjust the height of the shelves to best accommodate your components
4. Its modular design allows you to combine two or more ES250B-T and stack them on top of each other to accommodate more AV components for a seamless appearance
5. Easy to install
6. Can be used with or without a wall mounted TV
7. Weight Capacity: 22 lbs (10 kg) per shelf
8. Color: Black with smoked black glass
9. Material: Constructed of powder coated aluminum with two tempered smoke-black safety glass shelves
10. Glass Measurements: 17" width x 13.5" depth


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